Recommendations – Brian



He is the exception to the rule!

“Brian is one of the most talented and excellent individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Director of Engineering, Manufacturing System Design & Build

He …”has provided me with great results from concept to final output.”

Client / Consulting firm manager

“Brian is one of the finest business developers I know … offering in-depth knowledge, high integrity and an exceptionally positive attitude.”

Client / Talent Acquisition – Engineering

He …”was always thinking outside of the box when it came to helping clients with their needs.”

Employer / Partner, International Management Consulting firm

“Brian is responsive … and takes the time to learn…”

Client / Scientist

“Brian is a creative, customer focused marketer.”

“He has shown great client sensitivity and good sales skills in the interactions he had with clients.”

Employer / President, Marketing Strategies Consulting firm

Source: Brian’s LinkedIn Profile